St. Maarten Parliament


Role and Function of Parliament

The two most important tasks of parliament is the realization of legislation for Sint Maarten, and secondly, to exercise control over Government’s policy.  Under the first task, Parliament exercises this task together with Government, so Parliament is called the co-legislator.

In order to carry out the aforementioned, the Parliament has a number of powers that allows it to fulfill its two tasks:

  • The right to approve and amend the budget;
  • The right of interpellation where each Member of Parliament (MP) has the right to question ministers of government in the General Assembly of Parliament;
  • The right of initiative allows MPs to submit draft laws on their own initiative;
  • The right to amendment, allows MPs to amend legislation that has been submitted to Parliament;
  • The right to ask questions, every MP can question a Minister orally or in writing;
  • The right to instigate inquiries allows parliament to institute an inquiry into the state of affairs in an event in which Government is involved.