Artwork by The Sint Maarten Youth Parliament Titled "The Seven Phases of the Moon" displayed at the House of Parliament

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten - The House of Parliament is delighted to announce the display of artwork by The Sint Maarten Youth Parliament under the title "The Seven Phases of the Moon". This art project, which showcases the talent and creativity of three young artists, Ms. Aljene Henry, Ms. Jemyah James, and Mr. Jahfier Marlin, captures the different phases of the moon.

The students have described the moon as a symbol of fertility, emotion, intuition, and change and have chosen to depict their paintings using the symbol of change, as the moon changes every night. The artwork explores the beauty and transformative nature of the moon.

Ms. Aljene Henry, Assistant Secretary of the Sint Maarten Youth Parliament, is 12 years old and has always enjoyed art as a soothing and relaxing hobby. Her paintings titled "The First Quarter," with pink leaves leading up to the quarter moon, and "The Second Quarter," Red Tree behind an aesthetic background with the quarter moon facing down, were freestyle inspirations.


Ms. Jemyah James, a member of the Sint Maarten Youth Parliament, is 13 years old and has been practicing art since kindergarten. She enjoys creating art in her free time and takes pride in her paintings titled "The First Half Moon", a starry sky in the forest, with the half-moon illuminating the night and "The Second Half Moon", the full moon dominating the city below.

Mr. Jahfier Marlin, Secretary General of the Sint Maarten Youth Parliament, is 16 years old and practices modern and abstract art. Having started his artistic journey at the age of seven, Mr. Marlin finds great joy in creating art. His paintings titled "The First Crescent Moon”, the moon shining on the clouds, and “The Second Half Crescent Moon”, the moon sitting on hills in the sky, was inspired by his love for gazing at the moon during the nighttime.

The House of Parliament is honored to display the seven beautiful paintings by these talented and inspired young artists. From July to December 2023, the artwork of the members of the Sint Maarten Youth Parliament will be prominently showcased in the lobby area, library, and conference room of the House of Parliament.

It has become customary for the Parliament of Sint Maarten to display the works of various artists, such as Sir Roland Richardson, Mr. Roberto Arrindell, Ms. Lucinda "La Rich" Audain, Ms. Beverly Mae, Ms. Leola Cotton, Students of the Art Café Foundation, Ms. Tessel Verheij, Mrs. Lindy Jacquet, and Ms. Magueda Jackson.

The House of Parliament invites the public to visit and appreciate the talent and creativity of these young artists. This display is a testament to the vibrant artistic community of Sint Maarten and the potential of our youth.