About the Committee

On December 12, 2019 Parliament voted and thus established the Committee Parliamentary Inquiry Mullet Bay. The goal of the aforementioned parliamentary inquiry is to obtain insight into the ownership of the Mullet Bay area and the current volatile (legal) position that exists between the owner, Government and the citizens. Furthermore this parliamentary inquiry serves to assess the need for Parliament and Government to intervene in every feasible way possible to protect one of its most precious coastal and inland waterways in the national interest of the country as well as to explore possibilities how best it can be used in the interest of the people from an economic, environmental, heritage and legal perspective.


Reason for Inquiry

On August 13, 2019 Member of Parliament R. Brison submitted a proposal for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the property known as Mullet Bay.

Mullet Bay is from a historical and notarial perspective located in the Lowlands Area and was referred to at the time of its first recorded notarial transfer in 1957 as the area of land surrounding the Mullet Pond and Mullet Pond Bay.

The land was first transferred on November 16, 1957. On July 1, 1971, upon the completion of the construction of a resort, Cadaster Extracts show that the property was transferred to Sun Resorts Ltd. who has since retained ownership of the property.

In 1995 the hurricane Luis struck the island and that was the last time Mullet Bay resort opened. Nearly all the properties sustained severe damage. Over decades during which the resort remained closed the Mullet Bay property owner’s representatives have asserted that the beach and even part of the ocean itself belongs to them. This has created various conflicts with local entrepreneurs who have been granted licenses to operate there. The beach has also been hampered by limited access for parking since the surrounding area has been blocked off by rocks limiting parking.


Research question

What can the Government of Sint Maarten do to ensure that the economically dormant and heavily disputed property of Mullet Bay is being best used in the interest of the people of Sint Maarten from an economic, environmental, heritage and legal perspective, and given that the ownership of the property maintains that they own the coast and inland waterways of Mullet Bay, which is in conflict with the Civil Code, what measures exist and should be taken by the Country Sint Maarten?


Parliamentary Inquiry

In accordance with article 64 of the Constitution, Parliament has the right to conduct inquiries which is further regulated in the National Ordinance Parliamentary Inquiry. A Parliamentary Inquiry serves as an instrument to determine the truth and to learn lessons for the future on a specific subject. It is a far-reaching instrument only used if it is clear that other Parliamentary rights to request and obtain information from the Government are not functioning properly. This instrument allows Parliament to hear experts and witnesses under oath. The public hearings of the Parliamentary Inquiry Mullet Bay is expected to take place in the 3rd quarter of 2021.


Composition Committee

Rolando Brison

Christophe T. Emmanuel

Sidharth M. Bijlani

Solange L. Duncan
Substitute Member