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National Ordinance amending the National Ordinance of General Audit Chamber, the National Ordinance Constitutional Court, the National Ordinance Ombudsman and the National Ordinance Council of Advice in connection with raising the age limit for members (Parliamentary Year 2020-2021-147)

The purpose of this draft national ordinance is to increase the maximum age of the members of the General Audit Chamber, the Constitutional Court, the Ombudsman and Council of Advice from 70 years to 75 years. The increase reflects the need for knowledge and expertise of experienced members for to maintain organizations, which is bottleneck for the continuity of the High Councils of State.

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June 28, 2021


Initiative National ordinance amending the Permit National Ordinance concerning the trade in drinks and food and the provision of housing with service for a fee in connection with adjusting opening hours and checking noise pollution (National Ordinance adjusting opening hours and checking noise pollution) (Parliamentary Year 2020-2021-146)


Minister of General Affairs

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