St. Maarten Parliament


Current Parliament

The Government of St. Maarten is based on a political party having a majority of the 15 seats in parliament. A political party would need to have eight seats (8) in order to govern outright. However, more than one party can form a Government if parties can reach an agreement to do so.   An independent member of parliament can also be part of the ranks of the opposition or be part of the governing party(s).

The current parliament took office on October 10, 2010 and will serve for a four-year period, until 2014 when new elections are due.

The current parliament comprises of the following:


The Democratic Party (DP) with two (2) seats in parliament led by Faction Leader Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Roy Marlin and Independent MP Hon. Romain Laville one (1) seat, has formed a new parliamentary majority with the United People’s (UP) party with five seats (5) led by MP Hon. Theo Heyliger to form an eight (8) seat parliamentary majority. This has also resulted in a new Government being formed at the Executive level of Government led by Prime Minister Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams.


The parliamentary minority now comprises of the National Alliance (NA) with five (5) seats led by MP Hon. William Marlin, Independent MP Hon. Frans Richardson one (1) seat, MP Hon. Lloyd Richardson one (1) seat and MP Hon. Patrick Illidge one (1) seat.