Committee of Finance

Government’s financial management, the tax authority and the tax system, and issues arising from the banking sector are inter alia topics that can be dealt with by the Committee of Finance. The Committee can request to meet with the Minister of Finance on issues for which the Minister is primarily responsible, or organizations such as the bankers association or the insurance association. The Committee can also send questions to the responsible Minister. The budget of the country is the committee’s major concern.

  1. MP Akeem E. Arrindell
  2. MP Sidharth M. Bijlani
  3. MP Rolando Brison
  4. MP Claudius A. Buncamper
  5. MP Solange L. Duncan 
  6. MP Christophe T. Emmanuel 
  7. MP Melissa D. Gumbs 
  8. MP Wiliam V. Marlin
  9. MP Omar E.C. Ottley 
  10. MP George C. Pantophlet
  11. MP Raeyhon A. Peterson
  12. MP Angelique J.G. Romou
  13. MP Sarah A. Wescot-Williams

     griffier: A.A. Groen-Gumbs, LL.M.