Committee of General Affairs

Foreign Relations, Fire and Disaster Management, the Civil Registry and the National Archives are some topics (and departments/organizations) that fall under the Ministry of General Affairs and are thus topics that the Committee of General Affairs deals with. The Committee can also plan work visits to relevant organizations or places.

1. MP Akeem E. Arrindel
2. Sidharth M. Bijlani, Vice Chairman
3. MP Rolando Brison
4. MP Solange L. Duncan
5. MP Christophe T. Emmanuel
6. MP Melissa D. Gumbs
7. MP Grisha S. Heyliger-Marten
8. MP William V. Marlin, Chairman
9. MP George C. Pantophlet
10. MP Raeyhon A. Peterson
11. MP Hyacinth L. Richardson
12. MP Angelique J.G. Romou
13. MP Ludmila N.L. de Weever
griffier: G.J. Richardson, LL.M.