Committee of Petitions

In accordance with article 24 of the Constitution, everyone has the right to submit petitions in writing to the competent authority. In accordance with article 21 of the Rules of Order of Parliament, the Parliament shall have a Committee for Petitions. This Committee has as task to examine written petitions submitted to the Committee in accordance with article 68 of the Constitution which states that the Parliament shall investigate petitions addressed to it.

This Committee has its own Rules and can found here: › RegCieVerzoekschriften EN

1. MP Akeem E. Arrindell
2. MP Sidharth M. Bijlani
3. MP Rolando Brison
4. MP Solange L. Duncan
5. MP Grisha S. Heyliger-Marten
6. MP William V. Marlin
7. MP George C. Pantophlet
8. MP Hyacinth L. Richardson
9. MP Angelique J.G. Romou
10. MP Sarah A. Wescot-Williams
griffier: A.A. Groen-Gumbs, LL.M.