Garrick J. Richardson, LL.M., LL.leg
has been the Secretary-General since April  1, 2021.

According to article 57, paragraph 3 of the Constitution Parliament appoints, suspends and dismisses the Secretary General. The tasks of the Secretary General include:

1. Assisting the Presidium

2. Assisting the Faction leaders meeting

3. Advising (legal and procedural) the President (during meetings)

4. Advising Members of Parliament

5. Preparation of meetings

6. Managing the secretariat

7. Managing the overall budget of Parliament

8. Making documents available to the Members

9. Making sure minutes are made of public meetings

The Presidium supervises the work of the Secretary General and secretariat.

If impeded, absent or unavailable, the Secretary General is replaced by one of the acting Secretaries General.